Beginners Meditation - Want a Better Life? Begin With a Better You - 10 week Course

To have found the path of meditation shows you are far down the path of awakening! So pat yourself on the back and let go on some pressure. You are becoming aware of who you don't want to be anymore... and aware of possibly instead finding peace, honesty and positive energy by even enquiring into yourself! To look for something deeper, truthful and especially to look within, shows you already are aware the answer doesn't seem to be outside of yourself. So welcome! Welcome so called 'newbies.' This course is suited to people who want to face their issues and confront life long unhelpful habits by beginning to meditate. The course will begin with the 5 steps to meditation and each week you will look deeper within to challenge your own patterns and enhance your own meditation practice. You will be able to be a positive influence to others in your life by taking this self-awakening step. To face yourself is the beginning of the process. This course will be to give you an opportunity to admit to yourself what you want to change. This course will be an introduction to your potential. It will be full of straight forward insights to spark new ideas within you. If you are blaming people around for your unhappiness this course will start your journey to empowering yourself, no matter your circumstance. By the end of this course you'll be preaching philosophical quotes to your family, chanting as you complete your daily chores, your spine will be straighter, body relaxed and head held higher. You will be practising self compassion and love daily. You will learn why and how to say no to things that aren't helpful anymore. You will tune in to how meditation is a key ingredient to creating and maintaining a purposeful and joyous life. We will install a strong determination of lasting change. You will never look back. Why not give yourself these few weeks to immerse in a side of yourself you haven't honoured before.. the you inside! Treat yourself to meet yourself. The atmosphere will be comfortable but I will be encouraging you to explore your perspectives and limitations. This is a supportive environment for people just beginning to realise they can't just keep 'coping' and instead want to face themselves no matter how hard that may feel in the beginning. Move onto the Eight Limbs of Yoga course after or join alongside when you are seeking more knowledge. I can't wait to meet you!

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Foundation Meditation - Understand the Meditative Ancient Process Course - Eight Limbs of Yoga 10 week Course

People have made the mistake over & over again of "I can't meditate even when I really try too. It never lasts". This course is the next stage after the Beginners Course or for anyone already meditating who is seeking the intellectual knowledge of the process. This course will implement the 5 steps to meditation with meditations and daily challenges to become what you learn. We will be meditating on the teachings and enhancing every moment of your lives through a strong determination to implement what we learn. By learning the process you will gain insight that it is possible to eradicate that old thinking habit by teaching you a direct lifestyle process suited to meditation. On this introductory course understand and practice the actual process to begin your new meditative lifestyle based on Patanjali Yoga sutras and the eight limbs of yoga that are the systematic approach to meditate. You won't be head scracthing anymore. You will leave with ancient knowledge and wisdom along with excitement for wanting more.  Meditation is the most ancient but also the most modern scientific techniques to eradicate negative thought processes, emotions, behaviours and beliefs. Whether you are a full time spiritual yogi or modern day capitilist whizz kid - the body doesn't lie... human principles are the same in terms of happiness, equanimity and love. Within this course we will all join to reflect on the meditative path by seeking the knowledge of who has been on the process before. The knowledge is essential wherever you resonate on the scale of either being the standard opinionated skeptic or turn into the life changing experiential proof! The wisdom within this course is thousands of years old but science is catching up... Be ahead of the rest and start understanding this process before everyone is on it and you're wondering why you waited!

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Find What Suits You? 10 Meditation Techniques Taster Course - 10 week Course

Meditation is the 'tool' to experience an alternative state of mind. These courses will begin with the 5 steps to meditation but each week will be a different technique to experience. Through these specific classes of Kundalini, Osho, Mantra, Tantra, Guided, Metta Bhavana, Chakra, Vipassana, Mindfulness, Shushumna and Light we hold space for you to experiment with what vibrates with you. You may find one that you feel is right for you and guide you to your next choice in the meditative path. Future courses will be solely dedicated to each of the paths for you to dedicate time to your discipline if this is the case. However, it is through frequency of practice and self-discipline that you will gain the greatest benefits so come and allow yourself the freedom to explore the different states of awareness within you. This course will provide a short introduction to each process and then we will practice each technique. This is a course to just come and experience 'what happens when you let go.' This course is open to anyone who is ready to take instruction and just go with it. By participating in the other courses you will gain greater insight but if you just want to 'see what happens' then this is definitely worth completing. It will spark your interest by showing you the diversity of practice. Ultimately, sitting, in silent contemplation, is a direct technique to find enlightenment, however, these techniques have been used for the same outcome. We will use them for you to feel your internal energy.

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Are You Worth it?

Humans have spent centuries focussing outwardly on what can 'make' you happy. With meditation we understand that it is our thoughts that can bring us up or down, no matter the what is happening around us. So we 'make' our lives by how we feel, think and what we do. This is great because we can change us! We can't change anything else.

At Holding Space For You we concentrate on allowing you to explore the struggles in your lives, choices and behaviours and offering moments of relief. How would it feel to be without complaints for an hour a week? Once you start holding a calm space within for a short period it then extends to longer periods. The aim is to find a peaceful state of mind continuously.  This is possible!

Humanity needs to do less to be more! The less you DO, the more you can BE. Be you. Be free of worries. Be free of suffering. Be free from blame. Be free from guilt. Sounds unbelievable? It is not. Join us and begin a regular practice which changes your whole outlook and your whole life.


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Course Run from Meditation Studio 62 Hyde Road, Paignton, TQ45BY

Facebook: @holdingspaceforyounow

Courses Run Every Sunday Starting 22nd September.

Foundation 8 Limb Yoga : 10am - 1130am

Beginners Meditation : 1230pm-2pm

Taster Meditation : 230pm - 4pm

Drop-in Meditation Monday 9am-11am Starting 16th September. Pre-booking essential.

Be the Change you want to be in the world. Stop living the life you know isn't good enough!  Sign up NOW and allow me to hold space for you to make those changes ONCE and FOR ALL!